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The Fate of the Universe

The strongest clue about the character of the universe near the beginning of time is obtained from the so-called type 1-A supernovae. These very ancient exploding stars appear to be receding from us at a speed that is greater than one-half the speed of light.

Because their red-shift is interpreted, and the recession rate is calculated, using Einstein`s Special Relativity Theor, it is that theory which is responsible for our current vision of the universe as expanding without end. It can be demonstrated that Einstein`s original paper, as well as his susequent book, contain contradictions, and grave errors in logic, which invalidate the idea that time is relative.

Reinterpreting the red shift leads to a younger, smaller, more densely populated universe, whose expansion will end, and the cycle of expansion and contraction can repeat without end.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1          Introduction
Chapter 2          The Principle of Relativity
Chapter 3          Special Relativity 1905: In the Beginning
Chapter 4          Special Relativity 1917: A Critical View
Chapter 5          The Michelson–Morley Experiment
Chapter 6          The Lorentz Transformation
Chapter 7          The Doppler Effect
Chapter 8          The Age of the Universe
Chapter 9          General Relativity: A Counterexample
Chapter 10       Conclusions
Truths and Consequences


Appendix I:Type 1A Supernovae:
Facts and Conjectures

Appendix II:A Euclidean Model for the Universe

Appendix III:Mass and Energy




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