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Daumentitel Relativity03European Distributor:
edition steinherz
ISBN 3-9807378-4-5
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ISBN 3-9807378-4-5
US$ 19,05


Most scientists do not make clear that Special Relativity Theory (SRT) is based on two principles that were both believed before Einstein. If these two principles were not inconsistent there would be no need for a theory, like SRT, that seeks to reconcile them. . Einstein’s ‘genius’ consisted in removing the contradiction between these two principles by using a mathematical formula published by Hendrik Lorentz in 1904.

This book examines problems in logic and mathematics, and ambiguities in concepts. It develops counter examples for Einstein’s Theories of Relativity – both the Special Theory (SRT) as well as the General Theory (GRT). It suggests a need for reexamining the meaning of the red shift of type 1A supernovae, and develops new implications for the size and age of the universe –as well as for quantum physics




Erschienen Dezember 2000

bei edition steinherz

EURO 24,95 + Porto,  262 Seiten

ISBN 3-98073780-2







Erschienen April 2002

bei edition steinherz

EURO 19,95 + Porto

ISBN 3-98073781-0